New plop up. Watching the US election aftermath with equal measures of optimism and alarm: the widespread acceptance of some pretty insane pro-fascist race-related "thought" has been horrible.

Meanwhile, the insanity is being broadcast to Australia, unfiltered, straight from the mother's teat, via Sky News. Pretty despicable stuff from Miranda Devine but who would have expected anything else?


Released a new thing this weekend, two demos of songs for whatever the new lineup of McQueen band looks like. I'd like it to be simple and good, dial in a sound and use it without amending things. Just good, clear pop songs with a blown out guitar sound and loud, aggressive drums and bass.

Anywho you can download it here or over on the Bandcamp.

Depressed and poor and trying to get through the week without going insane. Money is tight and times are tough.


hokkaido volcanic crater

This year is ending pretty bleakly:

Adelaide is back into new harsh lockdown restrictions thanks to a medi-hotel infection breach. Uglies recording has been postponed until the Victoria border opens up again. The horrifying disintegration of America Democracy rages on, fuelled by misinformation, emotional manipulation, fear and corruption. Another day in hellworld. Fuck Trump, fuck the GOP, fuck the emboldened right-wing bigots in Australia who have somehow clamored their way into our lounge rooms and televisions. The hurricane of lies clouds the air, becomes white noise and part of the landscape, slowly amplifying everything into insanity. It feels like a referendum less on Trump, more on what we accept as reality: whether we abandon critical thinking entirely or just blindly follow someone deep into the ground.

On the plus side this feels a lot like how I used to use the internet. Basic and boring, but without ads, no pretence, no horseshit. Just a quiet little online document that's built from the ground up.


Screw it, I'll make my own blog. Back to basics. Slowly can chip away at learning HTML5.